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My Stainless Steel Secrets

Stainless Polish

Before we get started…I know what you are thinking….my refrigerator is huge right!?!  Well, please  keep in mind, I am married to a caterer/restaurant owner …sooo 😉 ….. and I probably have more stainless steel surfaces in my kitchen than the average person too.    So, that is why I need all the help I can get keeping it polished and finger print free.  I have used so many different products that are specially designed for stainless steel, but guess what, they do not work as well as Behold furniture polish.  It is amazing!  Now, you might be thinking that it leaves an oily deposit behind, but it does not.  Try it for yourself!  Just look at that shine on my ice machine, you can actually see the wood grain on my floors in the reflection.  WOW!

Stainless Steel Polish

Yup, even use it to polish my back splash and my stove!

Stainless cleanser

Now, this next product is one that I CANNOT live without!! It is Bar Keepers Friend  It is the best stainless steel cleaner out there.  If you have burn marks or discoloring on your pans, it will completely remove them.  Rust stains in your sink (have left that darn cast iron skillet to soak) gone!  Oh, and yes it will take rust off your cast iron pans!  You can also use it on chrome, porcelain, copper, brass and a slew of other types of surfaces.  I use it everywhere!  I clean all of my pots and pans, my stove, my bathtub, my sinks, and even my toilets.  I really cannot say enough about this product.   All types of hard water stains will disappear.  Oh, I almost forgot, the best part…….I purchase it from The Dollar Tree for a buck!  So for $1, I really hope you give it a try if you are not already using it!

WOW! Now that was worth sharing!!

Happy Cleaning To You!


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